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About Us

We Build for People

Team of Industrial Engineers

Neely Engineering & Contracting, LLC

Founded in 2014, we are a family owned and operated organization dedicated to delivering the highest quality projects and programs to our clients. Utilizing industry-leading software, talent, and experience, we constantly push the limits of industry standards to maximize our clients' time, budget, and experience. 

Our high-precision and high-value standards are made possible by our relationships we build with our clients. More than just a contracting partner, we are a progress and development asset. 


At our firm, we believe that relationships are just as important as profits. We strive to build strong connections with our clients based on mutual respect, collaboration, and trust. By prioritizing these values, we are able to provide the best possible service and create long partnerships with our clients.


At our firm, we place a high priority on both client and employee experiences. We firmly believe that a positive work environment leads to satisfied employees, which in turn leads to satisfied clients. As such, we are committed to creating a workplace that fosters growth and development for our employees. Additionally, we are dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional service and ensuring that their needs are met throughout the entire process. Our unwavering commitment to both our clients and employees is what distinguishes us and drives our success.


At our firm, we pride ourselves on having a diverse range of industry experience that allows us to approach any project with a unique perspective. Our team has been involved in industries ranging from and between porcelain product manufacturing, water and waste water plants, new developments, emergency stabilizations, commercial space and governmental contracts. This breadth of knowledge enables us to tackle complex challenges and devise innovative solutions that others may not have considered.

Our Mission

10 Years building a better world

At our firm, we hold a strong belief in the importance of responsible use of building materials, energy, and time. We are committed to working closely with our clients to ensure that their projects are designed and built with sustainability as a top priority. Our team of experts collaborates with clients to identify the most efficient and effective ways to maximize these resources, while minimizing waste and environmental impact. By prioritizing sustainability, we help our clients achieve long-term cost savings and contribute to a healthier planet. We are passionate about building a better future for all, and we invite you to partner with us in this important mission.

Solar Heating Buildings
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